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Life & Exploration

It's been a grand journey to here - which currently includes splitting my time between Laguna Beach, CA and Loreto, BCS, Mexico.  I've become bi-coastal (Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez) and bi-lingual (although my Spanish sadly lags behind my English skills).  

When I'm not working - I'm somewhere chasing waves. Surfing has become my late in life passion. Or SUP - especially with my dog, Buster, or sail, or snorkel ... 

The images in these galleries are meant to convey the reverence I feel for the people and landscape of our spinning blue planet. They provide an opportunity for you to walk with me one day, one step, one photograph at a time.

For more information on adventures in Baja:  bajadreaming.me or my general shifting view of life:  catharinecooper.me

Questions or?  email:  catharinecooper@me.com

My Work

There's something about a camera - about the ability to freeze-frame a moment in time - whether it's the laughter of a small child, the winged flight of a bird, or the color of light on water, trees or through clouds.  The images allow us to live those moments over and over again - long after the original incident has been left far behind.

I've studied in five colleges, explored image making with large format cameras (talk about slow), and had the luxury to spend time with Ansel Adams - be mentored if you will - in the fine art of image creation and reproduction.  I've taught photographic workshops for Universities and Colleges, as well as privately.  With the introduction of digital cameras - yes, I learned with film and developed in my own darkroom - the world shifted. And now with smart phones everyone can (and does) capture nearly every moment. The challenge has shifted to selecting the right moment and drilling down to create an emotional response.

Career Path? I've traveled to several far-away countries in the role of documentarian, and driven thousands of dusty miles in search of rock, tree, water, sky and waves. The planet we live on never bores me. There is so much yet to see, touch, taste and do.  Somewhere along the road I bought a computer and taught myself a skill set that allowed me to raise my two sons with the income garnered from graphic design.  I wrote for two newspapers for 11 years, and now I'm at work on a couple of memoirs.

Shows?  The list is long, the audiences diverse. Both group and solo - some educational - some galleries.  Yes to private collections.  This year - 2016 - The Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts. Proud to return after a hiatus of six years.

Future?  Continue to refine my seeing and listening skills. Both draw me closer the life that is closest to my soul.

SUP with Buster

Baja suits me 

Surfing Baja

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